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Collaboration network analysis for scientific production and R&D
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How does it work?

What does Kampal Research do?

  • Data tracking and extraction

    If the institution under study has its own database with its activity, we will extract its data. Otherwise they can be obtained from public databases.

  • Storage and analysis

    The collected information is stored in our servers and organized according to the structure of the institution. Then we proceed to the statistical and collaborative analysis

  • Results visualization

    Here we can find the results of the analysis graphically and visually using interactive community maps, statistical charts, lists of projects, publications, itemization of communities... All analysis can be performed specifically for the structures of the institution .

  • Web environment

    All these results are accessible from our website. Each institution has its own data section, but it can be shared publicly.

  • Use

Our plans

What do we offer?

Negotiable prices
  • Start-up
  • Statistics and metrics
  • Communities' analysis
  • Up to 10,000 researchers
Negotiable prices
All the above and:
  • Report generation
  • Comparison with other organizations
  • Up to 100,000 researchers

(*) The prices may change depending on the format and quality of the original data.

All of our plans include

Activity and evolution graphics
Communities' analysis: interactive maps, betweenness, communities' detection...